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Working with cemetery to identify unreadable headstones.

 Hello, I would like to know if i have access to cemetery records will Billiongraves accept unreadable headstones transcribed from the cemetery records?

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YES!!! Cemetery records are a valuable source to determine who is buried in certain plots, especially as the stones wear with time.  I actually  do this all of the time for BillionGraves. If you have unreadable stones, but know who is buried there, just include in the notes section where you got your information. We want this done only by trained genealogists, genealogical societies, or skilled enthusiasts. (I fall into the latter category)  Hint...This is where other websites also come in handy. 

 For example, many of the stones in the Trinity Graveyard in New York are unreadable, other than a few letters or dates. Using the website: I was able to determine the headstones of some pretty unreadable markers. This website contains records but also photographs of the stones taken many years ago.  On some of these I was able to actually add the old photos in as an attached photo file, giving our viewers the ultimate look at the headstone.  

As some photos taken 20+ years ago show the writing on headstones which are invisible today. Older photographs become an invaluable source. At this time, we can only use photos that are on archival sites, DO NOT use photos taken from Find A Grave as we have an agreement with them not to use their photos and they can't use ours. 

Attached you will see an image of an "unreadable headstone" 

In the next attachment you will see the Trinity Cemetery record stating what is written on the stone.  I used the cemetery record to recapture what was written on the stone. I then used the notes box on the transcription page to give readers the exact location of my findings. 

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