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When linking to Family search all the photos for that person seem to be transferred from FS to BG. Is this intended?

I understood the purpose of BillionGraves is to document headstones.  When I link key family members to FS I find their photos appearing in BG.  They don't make sense there as often there are details needed (description, tags etc) to make sense of them.  Is this intended?  

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This is an intended feature as it helps people both doing searches on BillionGraves, and it can aid in research on FamilySearch.  When the accounts are linked together, you can decide immediately what photos you would like to keep, and which ones should be deleted. If you go on the photo carousel, and scroll with the arrow buttons it will move the photos. If an arrow shows up in the right hand corner, it means that you have the authority to delete the photo.  Typically this authority is given to those who link the FamilySearch Account with BillionGraves.

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