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Unable to add extra family from headstone details

At there are 5 family members listed.  One (Marlene) is missing.  I have tried adding this on several browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) on my Mac but fails.  I get the pop up window, can add the details but fails to save them.

Hi again. Thanks for the prompt reply. I do think there is still a problem as the entry was made by an alternative method. I was able to add the entry using the edit transcription option but I wasn't able to do it using the + option on the main display page for this person. I tried numerous times and with 3 browsers.

This may have been a glitch, as the epitaph lists the name of Marlene and the relationships on the headstone also lists Marlene. 

This is truly a lovely memorial!  The family photos are quite stunning and have captured your family in a very beautiful way! Adding the link in with FamilySearch has made this so much more than just a monument, it has created a memorial to a loving close knit family.  Thank you for sharing this!    

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