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Billion Graves Photo Link to Family Search

I have previously had no issues with linking grave photos from Billion Graves to a relevant Family Search record however I uploaded a photo I took on my mobile phone Billion Graves app today then transcribed it and gave it a link to the relevant Family Search record but 6 hours later it is still not showing as attached to the Family Search linked record. Is there a time set before it links up??

There is a work around if it is not matching on the transcription page. On the life information page, click the pencil. Click edit record.  Scroll to the bottom and place the FamilySearch PID number in the box. There is not a waiting time for FamilySearch as these should match up instantly.

Hi thanks for your reply..

For info I can click on the Billion Graves link to FamilySearch and it takes me to the correct record

(William Henry Stroud  MN4X-57D) however when I look at the Family Search record details

from Family Search on William Henry Stroud with same ref. no. it does not show the link to the

 Billion Graves index link photo and transcription? 

Could you take a look at the record on Family Search

 and see what I mean please.



Hi I can see this is an old thread, but  I have noticed this too.  Does anyone else have this issue, or are they working for you?

Many of the records I have matched do not have the hint appearing in FamilySearch record as research help.  However, the records have been linked as if I look at a transcribed record on BillonGraves I can click on Family Search tab and it takes me to the record in Family Search.  

Tried it again yesterday without success on Family Search.  Should we be raising it with them?

When picking REJECT or ACCEPT, how close do the two need to be?   I have had some that are spot on except for the State they are buried.


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