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I'm not getting any results. Not even the ones I have recieved through ancestry and My Heritage. Rather disappointed.
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Our database is building everyday!  Part of the process is getting your relatives graves photographed. Personally, I am a nut so I have traveled from Utah to West Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland and California to get all of my relatives stones photographed and marked with GPS markers. Yes, crazy I know. However, I have met wonderful people and have seen firsthand where my great-grandparents are buried as well as the lay of the land so to speak. 

Not everyone has that wonderful opportunity so, this is where photo requests come in handy. Find the cemetery where your relatives are buried.  On the front page of the cemetery page there is a line entitled "Photo Request". Click on the plus sign.  Fill out the information being as detailed as possible. We do not want a 20 page history, just a few details including a possible area to look. The better detailed on location the more likely a photographer will easily find it.  

Example: Wasatch Lawn Cemetery (This is a huge cemetery in Utah)

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