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Find flagged images

I took some images at the cemetery and found a few that had corrupted images (they looked fine prior to uploading) or needed to be flagged, so I flagged them. How do I find the images I flagged so I can go back to the cemetery and fix them?

99 percent of your images are not loading for me to transcribe. I don't know if the file is too large or what is going on.

your files may be too large.  about 99 of the photos you post are not loading.

Also if you don't mind when you take photos try to get the last names in the photo as well.. Thanks!

I have been doing corrections in Mountainview and your team needs to learn to link photos before transcribing. This is especially important when multiple members are photographing at the same time, as the photos do not come into the queue in spatial sequence, but in the time order in which the images were taken. 

If someone would go through the images and do some linking it would decrease the number of ???? last names and duplicates. Not hard to do, just need to do it systematically from the MY PHOTOS. Much easier if done by the uploader than by a transcriber later. 

Thanks for making this enormous project a reality. I am impressed and most of the images are very excellent.


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