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Photographs assigned to incorrect, but nearby, cemetery

Good morning, yesterday I was in Roaring Spring, Blair County, Pennsylvania and photographed tombstones in both Snowberger Cemetery and nearby East Sharpsburg Cemetery. I noticed that East Sharpsburg Cemetery was not included in BillionGraves database, so I added it. Then when I uploaded the photos, they all got assigned to Snowberger Cemetery. The problem is, only a handful of grave photos should appear in that cemetery, whereas the great bulk of the photographs should have been uploaded to East Sharpsburg Cemetery. How can I assigned the photographs to the correct cemetery? Thanks for reading -- Michael S. Caldwell

Thank you.  That should help me in the future.  Now two follow up questions:  Is there no way to get the pins spread out to their proper location instead of all being stacked in the same spot?, and what do I do when graves actually ARE indoors?  There are a bunch at Holmens Kirke that I need to shoot - all in a crypt room inside the church.

Thanks much.

When you are indoors, indoor mode is appropriate to use.  The images taken indoors  will all be done under the best GPS location, and they will all have the same GPS location.  This is why this function doesn't work outdoors. 

For the first question, the only way to get the pins to go into their proper location is to take the photos over again. As all of the pins currently have the same lat/long coordinates set by your phone. (I wish I could tell you differently.)  This has only happened on very rare occasions, but when it does this is the course of action that has to occur for accuracy. 

I am fine working those two cemeteries again.  The Malov cemetery only took a bit over an hour to complete.  I just wanted to make sure that it will work to shoot them all again.  I know that the duplicate transcriptions can be merged, but I wanted to be sure when the two merged, BG will keep the GPS coordinates that are accurate,  not the ones where they are all in the same spot.

Thank you

When we merge the records we take the GPS location of the image with the best accuracy. 

Great, thank you.

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