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Headstones including 'feet'

 Is it possible to photo only the headstones and not include feet, especially opened toed sandals standing on the headstones?

Once a photo has been taken there really is no way to edit them. We suggest going back to the cemetery and taking another photo. Sometimes, if I am taking photos and think I have gotten toes or fingers in the photo, I will take another one "just in case".

 Thanks for your reply.

I have not yet taken photos, from my cemetery, I have only transcribed.   I just wondered if people know that when taking photos they are including their feet, and doesn't look right especially when transcribing a baby's headstone.

Many of our photo takers are young people under the age of 14. They have the energy and stamina to take photos, and sometimes do not understand that people do not want feet in the photos. Perhaps over time, they will get better at it.  

Sometimes, I have no choice.  I try not to get my feet but the cemetery I am working is very bad.  There are big holes, stones that have been knocked over or off their cement foundations.  It is overgrown and I'm not sure how to stand on those.  Sorry for the feet in my photos.

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In other threads, there are requests for various editing features on images - at the present, there is only a little hue/color/saturation, and 3 rotate options.

A CROP option would be handy for this purpose, but the threat exists that someone gets overly zealous about cropping a shot, and (for example) miss a key part of the image off in one corner (at least, the photographer wanted it there...).

I do this sometimes, to indicate a family grouping - one main shot with one marker & the others off to the top of the frame; then I link the photos together.  This can help people understand the physical layout of the markers, and I would not want them cropped.

The potential for accidently ruining an otherwise good photo, would lead me to think that better education to users, would be more practical than more tools on the website.

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