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Uploaded pics and transcribed but cemetery page shows nothing on the stats page

 I uploaded headstone pictures to two cemeteries yesterday and transcribed them but when I look at each cemetery, it shows 0 Headstones. How can I get those to show up?


Photos taken outside of the app are not counted in the cemetery counter at the top, we consider these as secondary sources on our website. These are called supporting records and after they are transcribed you will be able to find them within the cemetery, but they will have a question mark placed in front of them when searching them on the website.  This is due to the fact that they can't be verified. 

When photos are taken with the app it places a GPS marker on its location. These are the primary source of our records. With a GPS marker on the headstone, you can see exactly where the stones are, in fact once they are transcribed you can find the stone in minutes with the app. 

How do you tell the difference on the site? 

Go to the main cemetery page

Scroll all the way down to the bottom

Photos outlined in Gray are Primary Sources taken with the app. These can be verified with a GPS location

Photos outlined in Orange are Secondary Sources taken outside of the app. The location of these can't be verified.

After using the app to upload a headstone photo with the embedded GPS marker, how does one later display the GPS coordinates?  Is there a way to record or save the GPS coordinates for later display when uploading a photo, other than manually writing down the lat-long coordinates that display just before uploading?

We consider the GPS Data in house data. However, if a photo is taken with the app in the cemetery, and transcribed other individuals can log into the cemetery and walk directly to the headstone. 

Why don't you guys take the GPS data from the exif data each photo has? This would allow pictures taken outside the app to also have a GPS location.

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This is currently something we are working on. However, this process is cumbersome. Unfortuntatly, most devices found outside of cell phones, camera GPS for example, are not as accurate as those found in phones and do not work well with pinpointing accurate GPS data. We strive for accuracy over quantity. 

I transcribe difficult deciphers on camera and then upload. On my computer at home they are not showing as transcribed. It used to work fine.
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