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How Do I Transcribe Military Information for Civil War Soldiers?

This came in from a user:  Please give me some instruction, also photo , of how to transcribe a Civil War military headstone. 

This was my response:

I am giving you a play by play of what I do to find out as much as I can about these soldiers. You do not have to go through all of these steps. You can simply go to the life information page, scroll down to military and place what is on the stone in the appropriate boxes. If you want the simplified version, you can place in the "Branch" Box: Army or Navy under the United States of America, Place: American Civil War under "conflicts", and place any awards in the awards box.

For more thorough information here is what I do:
#1- I try to find out what unit they are from.  There are several websites that give this information. One is FamilySearch the other is this one:
Both are FREE!!  

So going back to your headstone, I will look up C.S. Osborn in New Hampshire: I found him in the database he is listed as Cordis S. Osborn. He was on the Union Side in the Infantry or Army.  His Unit was the 13th Regiment New Hampshire Infantry.

I place all of that information in the boxes, and then on the transcription page, I place this in the notes section.  The notes are found when you click on the Epitaph Box.

If you need any further help do not hesitate to ask, or check out our articles on the help desk. 

Here are some examples of soldiers I have worked on:

This one is a more simplified version of what I do, as I am a Civil War Researcher, and I LOVE IT!!!

Benjamin Jordan-My 3rd I went all out! I went to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City for further information, and added my findings to his Life Information Page. This record shows that he was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga.

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