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** Ticket 6589 Fwd: PROBLEM STILL NEEDING A SOLUTION: Language settings for photos/images GI-T


The one big problem that I feel is a clear disfunction for our mutual goal in transcription is incorrect language assignments for photos. 

The following is my enhancement request: 

Improve the application to allow the photographer to choose the main LANGUAGE of the photos to be taken. Even if the photographer is in the USA, but taking photos in a Chinese cemetery, most images will be in the Chinese language.  In Israel, most will be Hebrew.  Then if the photo is in another language, the photographer can touch the screen (similar to touching the link button) to indicate the language of the headstone.  

Improve the application to automatically default to a language based on the location of the cemetery (France/French, etc.) if the photographer is in France, it is most likely that most photos will be in the French language, or Slovakia, etc. 

Improve the website TRANSCRIPTION PAGE to show the CURRENT LANGUAGE SETTING.  This way, when it is obviously not in English, the language can be set correctly. 

I have spent hours just sitting here correcting language settings when there are no more English transcriptions available.  But I cannot tell if that image currently has a correct setting.  Though the website says there are more than 150,000 images in English, that obviously isn't accurate.  The accuracy of the number of available images and even the breakdown to the individual cemeteries is NEVER accurate and maybe it can't be completely accurate, but we can get a lot closer to the accurate number. This is a problem that really needs to be solved. 

I'm hoping that someone is working on this.  I believe it's very important on many different levels to enhance the photo and transcription experience. 

Thanks for your listening ear, it's lonely out here!

Mary E. 
(562) 756-3250

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I'm sorry you feel that you are alone.  If there is an entire cemetery that needs a language reset, you can always do this by sending out a request through the help desk, as I do this on a consistent basis. 

We set languages in cemeteries depending on the common language in a location. For example all cemeteries in the United States and Canada are set to English. However, you may come across a Jewish cemetery in Hebrew or a French Cemetery in Quebec. At that point if you send a request into support to change a cemetery language. Support can go through its channels to ensure this is done. 

You will know there are no more English headstones to transcribe when you come across headstones written in another language. When this occurs if this headstone is Chinese in the United States, you set the language of the headstone to Chinese and the stone will be sent to people working in Chinese. 

We are always working on website innovation.  We are also always trying to create easier and better ways to do things for our customers. Please be patient with the process. This will only get better and better for everyone!

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