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Options for reporting photos

Please add an option for photo report, about photo being cut in the middle (only a part of the headstone is vissible).
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Could you reply back with the URL for an image of the type that concerns you? 

Not all images that are showing only part of the stone are bad photography. It may be that the partial image was the only one possible, or that the photographer was trying to get a closer image of that part of the stone. I do a lot of corrections, and very often such images are just not linked to the main or other views of the same grave. 

If you check for linking and then decide that it is truly a "bad" photo, you can always ask for it to be deleted. But unless the image is too blurry to read or inappropriate in other ways (body parts or disrespectful) most of the time BG support will not delete it, if there is any readable inforamtion in the image.


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