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Image of cemetery itself

I accidentally took general photos of the cemetery while taking pics of the gravestones. How can I move them to the cemetery's page?

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If no one has tried to transcribe them yet, you can open them in transcription window and save to a file in your computer. Then you can add that jpg file directly into the cemetery information window. Either click copy and paste or drag from file location into that window. 

If they have been "transcribed" you can send the URL for that image to Support and ask them to move it to cemetery page.  

When an image goes to cemetery page, it loses its GPS pin information, so if you want to have aspect shots associated with a group of graves you need to transcribe one of the grave stone's information to it and merge them. 

When in the cemetery taking photos I sometimes take two images of an important aspect, so I can put one on the page and another tied to the adjacent graves. This is a good practice when there are broken or damaged stones, but they are near/adjacent to very legible markers or other family members monuments. 

Thanks for doing the general photos. Wish more photographer would do them. sometimes I just take a general shot at the start of a row, so I can orient myself when I go to transcribing. 


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