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Cemetery Record Search Sorting

I've uploaded a number of photos (for instance dairyland cemetery ). When I go into a cemetery where I've uploaded a number of them, i'd like to see all of the cemetery records. When I go to the search section, I don't enter any parameters and click browse. This brings up all of the records, however they sort somewhat weird. They sort on last name A to Z, but they don't all sort that way. It's like they sort in an A to Z order with a portion of the records (maybe 30%) then they start over at A and go to Z with another batch of records. Seems they should sort all of the records together in an A to Z fashion (or even better put in a function to allow me to choose how their sorted.)… Any thoughts?

This is an issue that will be resolved shortly. We are updating our entire website.  We are hoping this issue will be resolved when the update occurs. With millions of records these updates take time and a lot of effort on our crew of technicians. We are asking for continued patience with this issue. We want this resolved as much as everyone else does. 

September 3, 2018

Trying to transcribe on line, system won't sort by country, cemetery and language

@Heidi- Please check out my other posts on language settings.  There are quite a few posts I have made regarding this very topic!  ;)

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