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Remote graves

I was in a graveyard in Rankin Inlet in northern Canada.  There is no cell service there.  I recorded the graves, but the cemetery is not shown.  It is marked as unknown.

I downloaded, but it did not show as downloaded so I tried several times to download.  Now I am back in my home I see it must have downloaded several times, but still shows on my phone an not downloaded.

So 2 problems, how do I attach the cemetery name to the files?

And where did all these downloads go?  There must be a massive duplicates pile somewhere, but they do not show up on my site.

I have just added the Rankin Inlet Graveyard in Northern, Canada. It may not show up in your phone as uploaded.  However, I have added the cemetery and it should now be in your account. There were almost 300 photos attributed to you in this cemetery.  I did notice that you took a photo of the cemetery sign, It says Kangiqlinio Cemetery.  Is this its proper name?  If so, I would be happy to change it. 

Thank you so much.  Now all we need is an Inuktitut speaker to transcribe a few of them.  :^)

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