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How to save photos to own collection?


I am really like to volunteer this project, but I want to keep all photos to my own collection too. Unfortunately I don't noticed the way to save geotagged photos, for example, to my PC. I found all photos to one catalog of my phone, but they haven't location info :(

Maybe it is possible to export my photos with coordinates form website or here is other secret how to do this?

Thank You for response.

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We do not give out the GPS location of cemetery stones. However, we do have the cemetery GPS locations on FamilySearch. 


my question is nearly the same. I want to keep the photos, but not on the iPhone but on the Mac . how can i export them. I don't need the GPs coordinates für my own only the pictures. Is there a way to save them?

Thank you for your response.

On an iphone on the front page of the app, click on settings this will be a gear icon. Next, click on Save to Camera Roll. This will be a toggle that when green means it is on.  When these are saved in the camera roll as you are taking photos in the app, they can be uploaded just like any other photo, but will not have the GPS. Android currently does not allow this feature. 

Thank you!

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