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Uncomfortable with a footstone.

Came across a monument with a footstone that along with the name and date of death said, "Dead because of his wife."  Now the cemetery, apparently,  is okay with such a marker, but I'm not so sure that it it is appropriate to upload here.

I could use some advice on this one.


If the stone is over 100 years old, I would say go ahead and add it. Most of those involved with the story have long since departed, as well as their children, and most likely their grandchildren. I know there is a story behind it, that as a researcher I would find fascinating!

I have a family member who was murdered by a spouse in my family tree. This occured in 1912 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was splashed across the newspapers at the time. I have not been able to find the graves of those involved yet, but when I do, I will be posting this, including all of the newspaper accounts. I feel it is part of a story that needs some telling.  Others may have a different opinion than mine, but personally I feel that there are lessons to be learned from tragedy.

The man died in 1973 and was a young man.  He is buried next to his parents, and his kids are most likely still living.  And possibly the "wife."

I don't think I would publish that's still too "new". If it was before 1920, I would...

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