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Photos uploaded are not all shown on website

I added a "new " cemetery yesterday and took almost 100 photos. I uploaded them and my phone shows that they were all uploaded. When I login on my computer and go to that cemetery site, it shows that I uploaded 95 photos however when I go to transcribe I only have 40 available. If I look on the map, I can see the ones that haven't been transcribed yet, but nothing happens when I click on it. How do I get the other half of my photos to show up so that I can transcribe them?

You may need to go back into the app to see if the photos were all uploaded. This has been the case with me a few times when I thought the photos had all been uploaded, but they really hadn't. Go into the app, click photos, scroll to the bottom and see if there is a button that says 60 photos to upload. Click on the button and leave the app open until the numbers count backwards and the button disappears. 

Also, the best way to transcribe your own photos is to: 

Click view my profile

Click on an image associated with the cemetery (Do not click on the cemetery name or you will be taken to the cemetery page)

By clicking on an image it will take you to the album of photos you took

Look for pencils-These are images that have not been transcribed

Click on an image with a pencil and a transcription page will open up on a new tab in your browser

I like to go back and forth between the two tabs to transcribe as it makes the process seamless

Also you will need to refresh the album after each transcription so the pencils on the photos will be updated to reflect your transcriptions.

I took a couple hundred photos today in a cemetery, however when I uploaded only 105 photos appeared. Many of the photos disappeared. I can not find them on the phone, in the file, or anywhere. Is there a way to recapture them ? They are not on the website either.  I am really annoyed. The only thing I can think of that happened is a couple times in between photos I went to "Home" to look up a name in the cemetery to verify I wasn't retaking the same aisle.  

@Debra I am seeing photos taken yesterday at the St. James Cemetery Woodbridge Township. One batch at 102 images the other at 224 images. They do show on your stats.

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