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Wrocław, cm. żołnierzy radzieckich na Skowroniej Górze Cemetery - Problem with Transcription


I'm looking for cemeteries of Russian soldiers who died during the WWII. There are about 7,000 names at the monument of this cemetery in Poland. I try to find all of them in the united data bank. But many of family names are written with mistakes, so the work is rather hard. Names are written in groups, but somehow many of them were linked, and then unlinked. Finally, there are bugs when I open some pictures.

For example, When I browse the cemetery, I see names. When I open the transcription page - there are no any names. Besides, many names are duplicates.

Please, help me to transcribe this monument correctly! I'm ready to transcribe all the names all over again, if it will be necessary.

Thank you!

Sonia: What an incredible monument this is. I have done a little searching to understand the issues and hope to help you decide how to do this one. I don't read/write Russian but have used the translators to understand some of the monument markings, and it looks like a great number just say "Unknown People 21" or similar.

Are the names on the monument those known to have died in those battles but the remains redeposited as just one of many in the group graves? 

Is there a written data base available to the public that records the names of those known to be buried here?

Do each of the separate blocks on the monument exactly correspond to one of the 30 x 12 separate "mass graves" or interment plots?

If so, would it be possible to regroup and match the monument inscription to its correlating grave plot? Then one could pin that to the grave plot, with the GPS position of that plot. 

Also, if there is a data base, could you create an uploadable file that BG support could apply to those images? It is not an easy task, but would make more useable information in the future as family and historians search for these lost ones. 

So much has already been transcribed and it would a shame to have to do those all over again. Hoping you and BG can figure a way to do this. Wish I understood Russian enough to help with the editing, but alas I would just make it worse !! 

NOTE to Support - maybe this is one where having the Supporting records pin to the GPSed image would be a good thing.?


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Hello! Thank you for your attention!

The monument is devoted to the Siege of Breslau (see About 7.5 thousand Russian soldiers died there.

The written data base of names is available here, but in Polish (see

I hope that the Support will fix the bug. I'd like each block would correspond to the names written on it only.

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