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When in advanced mode the data entry window "jitters"

When I click on 'Advanced Mode' to enter a maiden name or suffix, the data entry window starts to "Jitter" or "jiggle".  I can still enter the data, but the movement makes it a bit difficult to click on the proper field.  I have only noticed this problem in only the last week or two.

I'm using Chrome with Windows 10.

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Yes, I noticed that happening right after the most recent "upgrade". I did about 100 new transcriptions over the weekend, and it was an intermittant issue, but very annoying. I don't use the NEW transcription screen very much, as I do a lot of corrections and it is too much scrolling when working with large family groups. The OLD screen displays the data in a very compact (could be more compact in my opinion) form so can see names and dates for more than a dozen entries at a time. 

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