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Disappearing photos in "Undefined" cemetery

When we take photos via application in places with complete lack of Internet connection this photos go to the group "Undefined cemetery". This behaviour is normal: app fails to connect to server with cemetries database. We can upload these photos later after reestablishing connection - and they will upload into the correct place in the correct cemetry. But. After uploading they disappear from application even the feature "delete photos after upload" in Settings is switched off. (Actually they stay back on the device in application data folder). Moreover. I have done further experiment. After uploading one photo remained in application "Photos" screen. I went to the place with good Internet connection near another cemetery (far from first, which was marked as "undefined" in app) and took test photo. The group "Undefined" totally disappear (with the remained photo) and the new group of the 2nd cemetery appeared (with test photo). After deleting this test photo application looks as shown on screenshot (one photo still remains, but I can't see it from application). And there is no way to return "disappeared" photos back to application.

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