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**Things for Billion Graves to improve or change. Separate Epitaph- AI-T

When I transcribe on more than one person on the headstone, I'd like it better if each individual had their on Epitaph.  It is confusing, I'm sure, to others trying to make head and tails of it.   Example:  George & Pearl Smith are on the same stone.  It has that George is father, husband, etc and then Pearl has the same type of things.  On the Epitaph part, I've been putting George-husband, father  then Pearl-mother, wife etc.  I don't 'know if this is right.  If they each had their own epitaph space, it would be easier.  

Also, why are things so hard to delete?  I don't want to merge some of my photos because the first one wasn't very good.  I'd rather just delete the bad one and use the better (2nd) one.

One other thing I notice is that I have lots of pictures, but can't organize them by sections on my photos page.  It would be easier for me if I can rearrange them.  I usually take more than one section when I go, so it makes them mixed together.  


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I would like to see:

1. separate epitaphs

2. reminder on each transcription page to not use ALL CAPS!  This is a horrible practice and it's been proven that all caps take longer to read. It looks unprofessional. 

3. ability to delete a duplicate entry. Some photographers don't link their images very well and, when transcribed, entries get duplicated. 

4. photos appearing in order to be transcribed in the order they were taken. Seems like it is random and bounces between cemeteries. 

5. headstones already transcribed to not pop up when looking for new ones to transcribe. 

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I totally agree with both of these comments and the suggestions they include!

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I've made this request many times in the past.  I hope at some point this gets some attention.

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