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not saving my transcription

I'm typing my records for Beech Grove Cemetery Muncie, Indiana.  I have typed some but then they pop back up.  I go check to see if they are really there and there are more than one or there isn't any.  I know that I've typed at least 5 over once.  I'm also finding that when I type the name, sometimes it pops up as a duplicate and I can delete my photo or merge. But some of them are blank.  Is that when I deleted information because it was incorrect?

Amber Rose Rollins(1976-2013) has about 15.  I don't know what happened, but I certainly didn't type it that many times.  I also mixed up some on King and Chapman.  I put some Chapman's as King's and vice versa.  Can you help me with all of this?  THANKS

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