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**Adjusting Photographs- OI-P

When I need to adjust a photograph to change the hue, brightness, contrast, etc., it is easy to just tap the picture icon and adjust up or down for the best view to enable me to read the image.  However, when the program comes up with some possible matches for the entry I am making, it places these images directly over the blue screen with the brightness, contrast, etc controls that I am trying to use.  Once these potential matches are in place, it is impossible to adjust any of the controls, to lighted the image, etc, because when I try to move any of the slider controls, I activate one of the potential matches.  This just clutters up my transcribe screen.  I ultimately have to just skip that photo and try again later, adjusting the photo before I have started to type any data.  The problem with this approach is that some photos have very bright spots and dark spots, so I need to adjust the image WHILE I am transcribing the data.  Please figure out a way so that the suggested matches don't interfere with our ability to brighten or darken the photo image.  Thank you very much.

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