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Too many records for one person and they won't merge.

Will someone with BG take a look at this.  You will see several duplicate records for the same person and they will not merge.

This is an example of the  index/update problems. I looked at this when first posted.

1. All records show as identical in the old transcription view. Even changing a few and renewing, and then changing them back did not tweak the duplicates at all.

2. If I went to the Cemetery page and browsed on Pangburn last name it shows 7 duplicates for Roy. The other day, when I went to the New Transcription page, it show several duplicates (don't remember how many.)

3. On that day I just went away and left it at that. Today, I went back again, and

4. On the old transcription page still shows more than 12 duplicates for Roy Pangburn.

5. On the Cemetery browse page, it still shows 7 duplicates for Roy Pangburn.

6. On the New Transcription page, it now only shows one record for Roy.


Is this a disconnect between the schedules updates for the indexes for

a. This image?

b. This record?

c. This cemetery index?

I understand that all of the field contents don't update in real time, but that the systems does some kind of periodic updates, but this part of the system has been out of whack for some time. 

BTW - this group of duplicates showed up on the daily index back on the day the record was created. I did not try to change it the other day so BG support could see it 

One thing I have been troubled with lately is that when we do corrections using the old transcription screen, the record corrections will show up with a reload/refresh, but after merging duplicates, the duplicates do not disappear from the refresh screen. 


When this issue occurs, can you send me in the URL's. This was going on a week or so ago, and I had to let my technical crew know of its occurrence.  I have just sent this one in....

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