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**Connecting to FamilySearch-AI-T

Sent in by THansen3

When BG believes it has a match between a headstone and a person in FamilySearch, it pops up a box with the match that you can either ACCEPT and tie the two together, or REJECT.  There are also blank boxes that you can simply enter the FamilySearch ID #, and that also links them.  There is a problem however, if the proposed match that pops up is incorrect, but you do know the correct FamilySearch ID.  When you try to go in to type in the FS ID for that person, up pops the original suggestion box, and you are not able to bypass it.  You can either hit accept or reject, but of course you can't hit accept, because it is the wrong person.  If you hit reject, it just closes the box, and each time you try to enter the correct number, up pops the same box, so you cannot enter the correct number.  This needs to be fixed so that you can enter a different FS number AFTER you have hit REJECT on the suggested connection.Furthermore, because it is easy to make a mistake when entering FS ID codes (xxxx-xxx), I suggest that instead of just accepting the ID that is entered, you make a pop-up that shows that person in FS, so that we know we are connecting the headstone to the right person.  Just a suggestion to keep mistakes from happening as often.

Thank you.

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I ran into this problem with the FamilySearch link and found that if I first rejected the link, then save the transcription, then set the appropriate name to edit and placed a space after the name (causing the save icon to appear) then saving the popup would come-up clean nad I could put in the proper PID. Klunky and doesn't always work.

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