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Duplicate cemeteries

I added a cemetery in Polk County, Bolivar MO by the name of St Wenceslaus.  After 3 days, it didn't show up, so I added it again.  About a week later, they both showed up.  One has 26 records in it, the other has 176.  Can you combine them?  Why does it take so long to add a cemetery?  If it doesn't appear after 24 hours, I assume it didn't work, so another one was added.  In addition, we had a group coming to photograph the cemetery, so we didn't have weeks to wait to see if it would show up in the future.

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Cemeteries have to be approved by a real live person. We currently have people online M-F 8am-12pm.  If the cemetery is added in on the weekend, we do not have people staffed.   The new cemetery will be added in on the next working day. I have merged these two cemeteries together into one at your request.

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