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Duplicate cemeteries

I added a cemetery in Polk County, Bolivar MO by the name of St Wenceslaus.  After 3 days, it didn't show up, so I added it again.  About a week later, they both showed up.  One has 26 records in it, the other has 176.  Can you combine them?  Why does it take so long to add a cemetery?  If it doesn't appear after 24 hours, I assume it didn't work, so another one was added.  In addition, we had a group coming to photograph the cemetery, so we didn't have weeks to wait to see if it would show up in the future.

@Robert Hicklling The Rosebank Cemetery duplicate has been deleted.

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@ Kelvin1962 I have deleted horsham and have merged Boorandarra.

Please can you merge the following cemeteries

Rosebank Cemetery, Edinburgh    159646

Duplicate Rosebank Cemetery    193121

I have already moved the images from the duplicate into the original 159646, and relocated the duplicate into the sea so that new photos cannot be accidentally added to it!

thank you very much

Robert Hickling, Edinburgh

@Avelino These cemeteries have been merged at your request.  Here is the merged cemetery:

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The Brazilians cemeteries
Cemitério Católico São Vigilio, Rodeio 50


Cemitério Igreja São Virgilio

are the same.

It is possible remove the duplicates? By the way, the best name is Cemitério Católico São Vigilio, Rodeio 50


@Jackie  I will be happy to remove the duplicates. 

I inadvertently added Zion Reformed Episcopal Church cemetary several times because I didn't think it added. Can you remove the duplicates? Thanks!  This is for Edisto Island, SC

Can you give me the current name and location of the cemetery that needs to be changed?   I need the URL to look like this:

I can't figure out the other way...

Olá. boa noite!

Estou com o cemiterio que fotografei duplicado, como faço para excluir um deles? (este excluir)

e preciso trocar o nome deste:, o nome correto é: 

(Parroquia y Cementerio de San Román de As Encrobas )

Cemeteries have to be approved by a real live person. We currently have people online M-F 8am-12pm.  If the cemetery is added in on the weekend, we do not have people staffed.   The new cemetery will be added in on the next working day. I have merged these two cemeteries together into one at your request.

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