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BillionGraves App breaks device

I have installed the BillionGraves App on my phone and tried to use it the other day but it just froze my phone completely - I had to do a hard reboot to restart it, so it just doesn't work for me. I have already taken hundreds of photographs of headstones at a local cemetery that I have adopted and am slowly going through the process of researching and transcribing the names. 

I tried emailing support to let them know about the issue as per the FAQ but just got a standard auto response sending me here - reality is that the app won't work on my phone and yes it is the latest version and GPS and Location service were active - I cannot afford to buy a new phone and all the other apps i have work find on it so had hoped to sort something out with support (as per their FAQ) regarding adding the images and records.  I have uploaded a few along with their transcriptions but nothing is showing in 'My Pictures' which means I am unable to link some of the photos.

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These will show in My Images and will be bordered in orange since they were taken outside of the app. It may be if your phone is old, that our app may not work.  It is just fine to take photos and submit them without the app, they will just not have the GPS to verify the location of them. If they are not showing in "My Images" something else must be going on, as  they did not get uploaded properly. 

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