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No marker or stone

If I think someone may be buried in a particular plot, but the family has not put in a stone or marker, may I go into the cemetery's office to ask for this information?

Yes, you can ask the cemetery office for this information. If you know someone buried in a location without a stone, you can also create a paper marker and photograph it as well. Here are some examples:

Just to clarify, the plot looks like someone was buried there recently, but since it's not my friend or family member, may I still ask the office for all the details? And, a follow-up question, would it be okay if I wrote down a list of unmarked plots and ask the office if any of them have someone buried and whether I could have a list of their names and dates?
Follow-up question or a variation of my original question, if I may: If it's a plot without a stone or marker, and I don't know if anyone is buried there, can I go the cemetery's office and ask for names and dates for every plot without a marker or stone? Just trying to be efficient here.

You can, but I am not sure if they will give it to you or just depends on their policy. Some smaller cemeteries love the idea of this, larger corporate owned ones might not. 

Just an update: I asked a friend about this who is involved in volunteering. He advises us to keep a low profile at cemeteries. A nearby Greek cemetery has posted a sign prohibiting us from taking photos of stones. Also, we made a few inquiries at cemetery offices and all of them have said that they do not want volunteers to be taking photos as it's a matter of privacy. And certainly they won’t give out information unless we are buying a plot. So keeping a low profile at the cemetery and not bothering the offices would be best if we are beginning as volunteers or already in the trenches. I certainly don't want to rub them the wrong way.

If the cemetery is private, the owners can tell you to leave. If the cemetery is public there should be no problems. 

Glad to learn we can create a paper marker. I have a small white board I plan to use. Wahoo. Awesome!!!

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