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What should I do when there is no stone or marker?

I'm not sure if there is a person buried there for a particular plot since there is no stone or marker. How do I find out? Should I go into the cemetery's office to ask for the deceased person's information so that I can upload it here if there was indeed a burial?
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You can always ask the cemetery office, or if you know who is buried in a particular plot, you can also make a paper marker and photograph the spot. (My Great-Grandfather didn't have a stone placed for his grave for over 50 years until, my grandmother was able to afford one for him. Luckily, she knew right where the spot was and getting a stone was easy)  Many people just don't have the money to afford one, and so these are left unmarked either forever or for a very long time. ) Many of my relatives in the South either didn't have money for graves after the Civil War, or they were lost to time.  Here are some examples of paper graves:

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