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Photographing old headstones

We have all tried to take pictures of old unreadable headstones. I have read the discussions on does and don'ts. They say don't use chalk or flour to make it readable. However is this not a better solution than to not have it recorded at all. I am talking about very old or worn stones that you cannot read any other way not as a routine practice.
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I’ve noticed many unreadable headstones in an unkept cemetery. Is it possible, or perhaps I’ve watched too many “National Treasure” movies to pour water on the headstones to make the engraving visible. I wanted to try that but I had no water with me and I didn’t return to that cemetery because the evening of the day I was there was a terrible thunder and lightening storm and I dare not slush through the mud and gopher holes with my cane. Any thoughts of water making the older headstones more readable?
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