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Including Photos and Records on Cemetery Count

Two feature requests please

Currently only photographs and records uploaded via the BillionGraves App are included in a cemetery count - which is very misleading when people like me are unable to use the app and upload/transcribe headstones taken on their devices. I doubt it would take much to include a 'counted' record on the same section that shows the 'actual' number of records and photographs for the cemetery - instead of the current one which makes it look like there are ZERO Headstone Photographs and Records.

Also - when uploading images that have not been taken on the app - they fail to show in the > Member Dashboard > My Photographs - the only way I have found to see what I have uploaded is to upload another record.  

This is also an issue if I upload multiple photographs outside the app as the > My Photographs does not to recognise uploaded images from outside the app, therefore, I cannot just 'move on' to the next image to transcribe it - I actually have to keep the uploaded images page open, right click to 'transcribe' / add record, then save and close the window and repeat the process which is really irritating. 

Would make life so much simpler if these things could be implemented!

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