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Add Family Does Not Display Relatives

I have tried yet again to add family members via the 'add family' link - in this case - 2 siblings of Caroline Nevill Jane Forbes (Delmege)

But as you can see, all that displays at the bottom of the 'family' section are two bits of text stating 'sibling' - the name and link to the individuals is missing. 

I can only add family members via the individuals editing section which only appear as text but as the sisters are buried in the same cemetery and I have added their headstones and transcription records which appear in the 'add family' search under their surname - I am at a loss as to why a link to their pages doesn't show when I add them. You can see what I mean here in the Family section. 

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I have converted this topic to a ticket, as this is something for our technical department to do. Can you send in a bug report? This will enable our technicians to find out what the problem might be. Thank You!

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