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Why has search parameters changed?  I put in name, state, dod if I have it, and it comes up with thousands of graves in EVERY state, not just the one I requested. Very frustrating. Can't find anything any more. 

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The most pertinent records will be on the first two pages. The rest do a sounds like or similar type of record.  

I Have the same problem. THe sounds like answer would explain different names, but not every state and county in the country when I included that info  in the search

This is extremely frustrating to me as well!  I put in a state and county, and get thousands of records.  It ENTIRELY defeats the purpose of being able to narrow down a search.  I use this site almost every day in my work at a monument company, because the maps are very helpful.  I know exactly who I am looking for and what cemetery they are in.  If I want a map for a guy buried in Utah County, I don't want to be sorting through 800 records from all over the state!  It wouldn't be so bad if they were alphabetical.  

They need to fix it back to where it was.  It's almost useless the way it is working right now.  

@ Monument Company & artherrington Can someone answer a couple of questions for me? Is this on the app or the website that you are having difficulty with searching?

My problem is with the website

my problem is with the web site

This would be on the website.  I use this site on a near-constant basis.  A lot of our Utah County cemeteries can be found here, and it is extremely helpful.  If a customer needs a death date engraved on an existing stone, I can often look up a photo of the stone to see if it was one that we did.  Or a customer might call in and want to know how much it would cost to repaint all of the lettering and designs on their stone.  If I can find photos of the stone, then my manager can give the client a bid for the job right away, rather than making them wait until we can get someone out to the cemetery to look at it and take photos.   If the client gives me the name and the cemetery the person is located in, and I can usually find the stone in a jiffy because I can narrow the search to that name and the appropriate county.  I usually either find it on the first try while I am still on the phone with the customer, or simply get a notification that there was no match found.  Under normal circumstances, this site is an invaluable resource.

But starting the week before last, when I put in a name and refine the search by county, I get several thousand hits because it is bringing up everyone with that last name in the entire state of Utah!  If I search for a Charles Jensen in Utah County, then I certainly don't want to scroll through a gajillion other results that include Florence Jensen in Wasatch County, or James Jensen in Sanpete County.  The names results are all mixed up alphabetically, and the cemeteries are all over the place.  I will even see cemeteries that are obviously located in other states!  

Needless to say, this predicament is more than a little aggravating.  Although this site is primarily for those who are researching family history, it has far wider applications than simply helping individuals who are tracing their family lines.  I am certain that I am not the only monument company employee who has found it to be very helpful in getting answers to clients who have questions about their stones.  Not being able to use the "Refine Search" function has been frustrating.  If something could be done to correct the situation, it would be greatly appreciated.  

This also happened on a previous occasion, but then it magically started working again.  I think that might have been last year, but I can't remember for sure.

Thank you for your feedback everyone!  I will bring this information with me to our next team meeting!  Hopefully, we will get this resolved quickly!

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That would be wonderful!  Thank you.

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