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Records not saving anymore

I signed in tonight and uploaded a photograph, transcribed it as usual but the 'save' button at the top right hand corner no longer works - when hovering mouse over the link it displays a red crossed through circle and the request to view all images. The save 'file' image at the bottom left hand corner works and appears to save the record - but not the image it is connected with.  When attempting to attach the image to the record that has been created the pop up is too large, only shows a question mark and does not scroll so the only way to close the pop up is to close the whole page.

I have tried to transcribe the same image several times but that just duplicates the record and the merge image does not display on the records even though they all contain the same information.

I tried uploading a different image to transcribe but exactly the same issue - this has only happened today as I had no problems yesterday uploading and transcribing!

I am NOT using the app, just uploading via desktop computer. The procedure is the same as always used. Login, navigate down page and select St Mary's which takes me to the map - so I then have to click the St Mary's link on the top left hand side of the map to get to the proper cemetery page.  I then scroll down and click 'Add Headstone' and upload the image, after which, I click on the image to get to the transcription screen.

I have not been able to add a single record transcription to the images I have uploaded - which have now deleted.

I managed to take a short recording showing the issue that is now displaying with the save button as well as a full page screenshot of the pop up - which 'looks' like the attach person save button is accessible by scrolling the page but it does not scroll at all.


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I am not able to add full transcription. When I add it and click on save, nothing happens.

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