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Finding a cemetery that needs photos taken

Is there a way in BG to locate cemeteries that have a know need for photographs to be taken?

Dear A:

Thank you again for your very thorough and interesting answers. I do think I am ready to plan a trip next year, but need to pick a general area... and then rely on the  map tool.

Thanks! Happy Hunting.


For the most part within the United States Utah, Idaho and many parts of Arizona do not need photographs. The best way to know for certain is to look at pins on the map. If they are blue, they need photos.  Another way is to open up the cemetery map and look at the pins. If there is a bare spot, the bare spot needs photographs  here are some examples:

This is the Centerville City Cemetery in Centerville, Utah. This cemetery has a lot of pins, but you can see an area circled in red that needs photographs taken.

This is Fraker Cemetery in Foose, Missouri that has no pins. It contains one photo request, but is a great photo taking opportunity!

This is Maury County Tennessee. The blue dots represent cemeteries that currently contain no GPS photos. Green pins mean that there are some records there, but you need to click on the main cemetery map to see just how many. Yellow pins represent photo requests. As you can see Maury Tennessee, the land of my ancestors, needs quite a bit of documentation. As I am from Utah, I was able to go to a few of these and take photos. My efforts are the green pins near Hohenwald.  As I am in a highly saturated state for photo taking opportunities, I do my best to go into many cemeteries and figure out family relationships, add biographies, and documentation on the Civil War (My Research Specialty)

Hopefully, this helps answer your question...we love and need photo takers with the app!

Dear AYoung:

Thank you very much for the reply... especially with the photos. I believe I understand much more regarding using the map to find those cemeteries without photos.

Is there a way to filter what shows up on the map?

Can I turn off the green markers and only see blue and yellow? It seems the blue markers don't show up when you zoom to too high a level, but the greens stay.

My plan would be to plan weekend trips for taking photos.

We don't have a filter for these at this time. What I might do is choose a certain area you would like to travel, and then choose a few cemeteries you would like to photograph in the area. Here are some visual ideas:

Here is Monroe County, West Virginia. (Another land of my ancestors.)  If I lived in the area I might choose to go to the Wikel Area to photograph some cemeteries.

The Lively Thrasher Cemetery was a cemetery I had previously photographed in the area, so I know the area well. If I click on it and scroll down the page, I will get the nearby cemeteries list. 

All of the cemeteries nearby have no headstone images, so I know that these would be great photo taking opportunities. Because they are cemeteries currently listed in BillionGraves, I can place them in the app, so I know just how to get there:

In the app, I click on cemeteries and type the name of the cemetery I want to go to in. I click on the cemetery pin and the front page of the cemetery in the app will be there. If I click on the address, google maps will take over and give you directions. (A Very Nice Feature)***Just make sure your phone is charging so you have enough battery power for photo taking!

This works great for rural cemeteries, but what about more metropolitan ones?

I type in Boston, Massachussetts and get a map that looks like this:

I have never been to Boston, and am unfamiliar with the area. So I will stay close to the airport:

The airport is the red x.  Benning Street Cemetery is in Blue and it is fairly close to the airport: If I go and photograph that one and it is easy, I may want to see what cemeteries in the area need photos:

Click on the Benning Street Cemetery and scroll down to nearby cemeteries:

Garden Cemetery is within a mile and has no headstone images...another great photo taking opportunity.  The famous Old North Church only lists 46 headstones...(Most likely there are more, but I want to make sure)

This may be a possibility as there are not a lot of pins:

I might be really ambitious and want to do another entire cemetery, so I go back to the list and see that Bunker Hill Burying Ground has no photographs: I click on the cemetery page and scroll down to the map:

Another great photo taking opportunity. 

As a photographer who seems to always be at least 3-5 states away from my intended photo taking opportunity, I ALWAYS plan ahead and get the cemeteries I have in mind first before going out. This saves a lot of time!  I have a notebook that I take along with the cemetery name, location and the individuals I really want to photograph!  In June I took a trip to Georgia and had on my list 10-12 cemeteries in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee and even stopped at a few that I just happened to be passing by. It's a lot of fun and very rewarding!

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