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Making Family Search popups optional for transcribers?

Would it be possible to make to somehow stop the popups for Family Search.  In other words, allow the transcriber to choose whether he/she wants to do them.   I'm sure many folks don't mind them, but, it just drives me crazy.  Especially, when the popup is even remotely the same. 

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I agree.  Either fix the family search functionality so it at least matches people in the same geographic region or make it optional. I am transcribing Australian graves in the state of Victoria and it is matching on dead Americans every time. Very few people, if any,  who die in the US are subsequently buried on the other side of the world. In many cases the match is nowhere remotely similar to name or year of birth or death.

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I agree.  I am transcribing in Denmark, and I always gets suggested hits for people in the U.S., none of whom EVER match.

I agree - this is one of several functional things that should have an optional ON/OFF toggle. I was just doing corrections in a Utah cemetery with lots of Pioneers, and the matching went very well, but in most places, the matching is non-existent. 

Also, it is very annoying when the popups are blocking information on the stone and I can't seem to get them to go away. 

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