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How do I link two photos to the same record

I took two photos of the same gravestone. One photo shows the whole gravestone and the other focuses on the gravestone's text. I posted them both but now I do not know how to link them. Currently they show as separate people.

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Linking photos can be tricky!  Here is what I do:

Go to the transcription page of one of the headstones:

Click on Link More Images:

Next Notice the two sets of photos. The photo on the left is the photo that is your current record. It's ID number is 23279121 On the right side are photos taken nearby with those taken before and those taken afterward. These are circled in red.

If I think I know which image needs to be added, I can either type the image number in the box above the current image and click add OR I can click on the green plus sign to link the image with another. If I make a mistake, I can click the red minus button, and it will return it as is.

If it is a mistake, a popup will ask you if you would like these unlinked. Click ok, and the record will return as it was before. 

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