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Can't take photo due to poor GPS connection

 My phone app works well in identifying what cemetery I am standing in, showing markers that have already been photographed, following me around and showing me where I am in the cemetery, but when I go to take a photo I don't get a camera function (can't see marker in view) and often while this is happening an error message comes up that is paraphrased something like (I am not in the cemetery while typing this) unable to take photograph due to poor GPS connection

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Where are you trying to photograph?  Sometimes if the GPS connection is poor, you need to wait a few minutes for the satellite to pick up your phone. I have photographed some really remote locations within the U.S. where I didn't have a cell phone connection, but waited a few minutes for the satellite and was able to photograph after a few minutes. It can depend though on what type of phone you have and how old it is. The GPS connection is determined by your cell phone itself. Some phones have better GPS than others. 

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