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transcribing headstones that are not headstones

I transcribe a lot on here, which I enjoy a lot.  but lately I notice people are taking pictures of cards from the library and downloading them to the site.   I thought you could only down load headstones.

do I transcribe the cards???

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At BillionGraves, we are always trying innovate and aide in research. We are currently working on a project for the future with wonderful historians in Indiana at the Carnegie Library.  This project was supposed to be private while we are working out the details of just how this might work with our website. IF you come across these in the transcription que, please skip them and move on.  There really isn't anything to see or do with these records at this point. We are hoping in the near future to work on a supporting records feature that would enable our users to add supporting records by photography. At this point the feature isn't ready for the general public and we would prefer if you come across these or see the Carnegie Library, just ignore the records and skip them in transcription. 

Thank You for your understanding in this matter!


Anna Young


Customer Service

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