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Problems with Android App

I took a couple of hundred duplicate images today because the android app failed. 

 After taking over 12,000 images over the past two years in one cemetery, I rely on the app to let me know which sections are partially completed.  I physically go into a section and use Find Headstones ; however, for the past two visits the app has failed to correctly tell me 'show nearest' instead I get nil,nil, nil where there should be records.  I will also type in a name and use search.  Again,  the app produced no results. So I trusted the app and went ahead and took pics only to download them and found that the section was already done.

I tried to use cemetery map to determine what sections are done, but this proved to be unsatisfactory because my phone doesn't render the map so I can use it properly.  My tablet doesn't have an internet connection while I am in cemeteries, and I ever tried an old school attempt to make a paper copy of the map to take with me, but for some reason I am not able to print a copy of the map.  I even tried to make a screenshot of the map but couldn't' print it.

At most,  I have one day a week where I can get out to take pictures.  If I'm lucky and it doesn't rain. . . and now the Ohio weather is turning colder and I won't get out at all.  My time is precious, I have a job and family so those days were I can get out to take pictures is special to me.  I don't need to be taking duplicate pictures.

I  did notify BG via the app when it failed the first time, but I heard nothing back from anyone.

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