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Veteran's Search Page

In the last few months, however, for some cemeteries if I clicked on a specific War (such as WWI) BillionGraves would load all veterans graves on the left hand side of the screen regardless of the war selected. And for some cemeteries that I had used the Veterans Finder function on months ago it would no longer work.
Today I can't even bring up these extra features. When I do a cemetery search using your Nov 2016 instructions all I get is a google map of the cemetery such as at this link ''. The screen looks nothing like what it used to look like. There is no drop down menu on the left that used to have: 'Cemetery Information', 'Cemetery Record Search', 'Cemetery Map' etc. on it. Selecting the "Cemetery Map" and then BG+ icon when it appeared used to pull up the Veterans Finder. But those functions do not exist when I follow the instructions to get to Cemetery Search. If I double click on the cemetery icon on the map it takes me to a new page where I can "Search" or "Volunteer" such as the following link ''
If the Veterans Finder feature is no longer available please advise.

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