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How do I add a photo to an existing record

I wish to add an updated headstone which was photographed and transcribed by others.  However, this headstone is my mother and father, but when it was photographed my mother was still alive.  I managed to upload the photo but was unable to have my photo as the primary one.  Also unable to add the updated transcription.  I was able to add a Time Line.

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@saxoniaa If the photo was taken with the app, I can merge the two photo records together and make them into one life information page. If the photo was taken outside of the app, here is how to add it to the page:

#1- Find the record in the database and make sure you are on the life information page

#2 Click Add Images

Add images you would like to place in with this record and click done when finished

In order to save a main image click on the photo box at the top of the record

After clicking on it, the main GPS image will be orange.  The main photo you have added of an individual will be the thumbnail at the top of the page and will also be orange.  So in essence you can choose a headstone image as the search image and a photograph of the individual to be at the top of the life information page. 

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