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Contact Information for the photographer

Do you list the contact information for photographers ?

@Stan S  We do not list private information out in the public of our photographers. However, if you click on the thumbs up photo next to their name, you can send them a polite message thanking them for their work!

I am from Chicago,Illinois USA and just discovered that my Grandfathers brother is buried at Rookwood Cemetery in New South Wales.  I am attempting to contact any family, do you have any suggestions ?

His name is Wladyslaw Sowinski

Thank you very much !

@Stan S.

I would find the Cemetery in New South Wales on our website, and place a photo request in with the information you have.  The Rookwood Cemetery is HUGE!  So I might find out which section he is buried in and place a detailed listing of what you would like photographed.   Good Luck!

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