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Contact Information for the photographer

Do you list the contact information for photographers ?

@Stan S  We do not list private information out in the public of our photographers. However, if you click on the thumbs up photo next to their name, you can send them a polite message thanking them for their work!

I am from Chicago,Illinois USA and just discovered that my Grandfathers brother is buried at Rookwood Cemetery in New South Wales.  I am attempting to contact any family, do you have any suggestions ?

His name is Wladyslaw Sowinski

Thank you very much !

@Stan S.

I would find the Cemetery in New South Wales on our website, and place a photo request in with the information you have.  The Rookwood Cemetery is HUGE!  So I might find out which section he is buried in and place a detailed listing of what you would like photographed.   Good Luck!

If you can't contact the photographer, how do you ask permission to use their gravestone photographs if they are particular about it?

I have tried to send a message to the photographer but it will not send message? I am a free member at present if that is the problem?

@Philip This has been added to our list of bugs. Sorry about that!

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