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Finding coordinates of flagged images

When a transcriber flags a headstone image as unreadable/blurry/nothing to transcribe, how can I find the GPS coordinates of the photograph so I can return to the cemetery and re-take the photograph. We have uploaded thousands of pictures from one cemetery we are trying to complete to 100%, but have about a dozen pictures we need to replace. I don't want to go on a wild goose chase for the particular headstone when the photo should have the GPS coordinates embedded somehow.

Thank you.

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Transcribe the blurry photo and give it a strange name...Mr. Blurry Photo #1, Mrs. Blurry Photo #2 etc. Transcribe it. 

Go to the cemetery with the app and click records

Find the name you gave the image by typing it into the boxes and clicking search

Click on the name and photo

Click again on the transcription

Click the orange car in the bottom left hand corner

Click Go

You are the blue flashing dot, you are walking or driving to  the cemetery pin. 

You can then retake the photo.

Transcribe the image and then make sure you send the bad photos and images to support with the URL and they will remove these for you!

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