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Change Cemetery for photo - Cemetery is not in list

I have several pictures where the GPS info apparently is incorrect, so the photo is showing up dozens of miles away from where it was taken. I have moved the pin of the person transcribed from the headstone, but when I try to change the cemetery of the photo the cemetery it was taken at doesn't appear in the list, and it won't let me find the cemetery when typing it into the bar.

This should be in the Park View Cemetery, Manteca, California. Not the United Methodist Columbarium, Stockton.

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We have looked at those photos and it looks like whomever took a series of about 15 photos took them with a phone and then did a screenshot of these with the app. The photos have a grainy appearance and all of the GPS markers are on a street corner near a private home. Our technology didn't get these wrong, whomever took the photos was breaking the rules a bit. Easy to have happen with teenage boys.  ;)

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