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Change Cemetery for photo - Cemetery is not in list

I have several pictures where the GPS info apparently is incorrect, so the photo is showing up dozens of miles away from where it was taken. I have moved the pin of the person transcribed from the headstone, but when I try to change the cemetery of the photo the cemetery it was taken at doesn't appear in the list, and it won't let me find the cemetery when typing it into the bar.

This should be in the Park View Cemetery, Manteca, California. Not the United Methodist Columbarium, Stockton.

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@Desiree- Mistakes are how we all learn least I do. I will get these fixed for you..Not to worry!  I will make sure these burial records go in the correct place. I have found this cemetery fascinating, and as a US Citizen, I find the stories and people I have met from your beautiful country, inspirational!  I'm grateful, I have in a small way been able to help you get this out as I have been reading several articles about this cemetery online. :)

Thank you for moving my earlier photos of Milton Cemetery (St Johns) New Zealand to their correct location - it was very much appreciated.

I am sorry to say that I've made another whoopsie... I found all the burial records for the same cemetery and have added them as records, as the gravestones and markers are all completely gone.

However I didn't add them correctly, and now the following 34 records are now hanging in space, and have not been allocated to the cemetery.

I had a look to see if I could delete them and then add them correctly, but see that I cannot do this.

Can you please help?

(you are probably going to ban me from adding records to Billion Graves in the future)

I am so, so, so very sorry and promise not to make any more mistakes :)


Desiree Colson

@Desiree We had to recreate these under your account, as these were supporting records and not our regular GPS records. Please look at these and make sure we got all of them. Our staff also added, in FamilySearch links and researched dates for each of these individuals. We understand that this is on private property, and very hard to get to, as we viewed several articles online discussing this treasure of a cemetery.  Please let us know if this is correct, or if you would like us to add any more information. Thanks for your submission!  We had fun with researching this cemetery. 

@Desiree Can you give me the URL's of these photos. I recalculated all of the borders of both cemeteries, and the pins are not being attributed to the Milton St. John's Cemetery. It may be that if the cemetery is remote that the device you used took the last location of the GPS and used it for each of these photos. I can move these to the correct cemetery if you give me the URL's. 

I have the same problem. Unfortunately I took and transcribed the photos before I added the cemetery, so the photos are all uploaded to the incorrect cemetery (Tapanui, NZ).  When I click on the change cemetery edit pencil, I cannot find the new cemetery in the list (Milton [St Johns] Cemetery).  Any idea how I can change this - relates to about 11 headstones. :)

We have looked at those photos and it looks like whomever took a series of about 15 photos took them with a phone and then did a screenshot of these with the app. The photos have a grainy appearance and all of the GPS markers are on a street corner near a private home. Our technology didn't get these wrong, whomever took the photos was breaking the rules a bit. Easy to have happen with teenage boys.  ;)

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