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Great-Grandmother's Grave Found in a Huge Cemetery

I thought I would start this off with good news!  Last year, I was with a large group of family traveling from Utah to California and up to Oregon. My Dad was from Humboldt County, California and wanted to show us some of his old stomping grounds.

 I am an avid genealogist, and wanted to find the grave of my great-grandmother, as I had never seen her headstone. I like to do this as it makes me feel closer to those who have passed before. This particular great-grandmother died just a few short months before my dad was born. We felt as a family it was important to be connected with her. 

We got directions to the cemetery, and placed the information in our cell phone. As this is Northern California, we thought the cemetery would most likely be small and easy to find a headstone. When we arrived, to our dismay the cemetery was rather large with most likely several thousand graves. 

As I got out my BillionGraves App, I placed the name in the record finder and to my delight I got a hit!  We were able to find my Great-Grandmother's headstone in a matter of just a few minutes!  In fact we walked right up to the stone within just a few feet!   

Thanks BillionGraves!

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