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New Transcription page / Old Transcription page

1. In the old transcripion page, at the bottom, you had two buttons with arrows. While working in your folders, you could use those 2 buttons to browse forward of backwards through you pictures in the active picture folder. The new Transcription page also has two buttons, the right button looks like working the same way as the "next" button in the upper right corner. The left button takes you to the previous picture you worked on. I really miss the function of the old Transcription page's left and right buttons that keeps you in the folder where you are.2. FamilySearch button in the old transcription page inserts a BillionGrave link in the FamilySearch record, a good thing because it informs FamilSearch users about BillionGraves. The new Transcrption page just inserts the link to the FamilySearch record in BillionGraves, no information telling the FamilySearch user that information about a record is to be found in BillionGraves. 2 month ago, in BillionGraves, there were 3 dots on the top of the record page, if pressing on these, you had a FamilySearch text you you could click on that had the same functions as the old Transcription page's FamilySearch button.3. If you for some reason had to save a Second time in the New Transcription Page, it seems to screw up the marker possition in the Nearby grave picture. I allways swithed to the old Transcription page if I had to correct something in the Epitaph/Notes section. See #6606.

Regarding the Epitaph/Notes fields. Some years ago, you could edit those 2 fields in the Record Window, now you can only do it in the Transcription pages. Putting those to fields back in the Record window will also solve a problem with Burial records, if you type something wrong in the Notes field, after saving, there are no way to correct it.

From OBA

I have been away for a few days and come back to find the Old Transcription page is gone. Please reconsider this  change. I do not like using the new transcription page for making massive corrections, for several reasons. The major one is that I can't see multiple names in a single group without excessive scrolling, and it limits the amount of time I can spend doing this, as I get motion vertigo big time.  

I also do not like for  the same issues that OBA has already mentioned. I also do not like using the NEW for my own transcriptions because it is so hard to stay in the photographic sequence with those left/right arrows. Many of my ownphotos are from cemeteries with family plots with several names, and I need to be able to see all entries for a record to make sure there are not duplicates errors such as fathers and sons with the identical name but different dates. This is impossible with NEW screen. 

Also, the NEW does not display the set language anywhere that I can find. Yes, you can use the drop-down to set it, but if the system loads a stone in a non-english language, there is no way to tell if that language is already set or what it might be set to. In the old screen it was at the top in an obvious position. 

PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD PAGE, at least until you get more feedback from us users. . Sorry to be blunt but this may be the last straw for me, if I can't comfortably do transcriptions and corrections. 



Po wprowadzeniu nowej strony do transkrypcji , przy próbie przejścia do następnego zdjęcia otrzymuję komunikat " Hmmm, something went wrong ... (Hmmm, coś poszło nie tak ...). Koniec transkrypcji.



Przeglądarka Google Chrome nie radzi sobie z ostatnimi zmianami.

Brak możliwości wyświetlenia nowego zdjęcia do transkrypcji.


@Adam- Google just updated their browser. We have just updated the website to better work with Chrome. 

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